DelpTotem is Completed with a Blaze of New Year Color

Scott from Stanford and Bryan from Vero Beach came to finish the DelpTotem over 2012 New Years Eve.  As Scott finishes his eagle carving, Bryan and Charlie apply an undercoat.   Then on go the colors, down goes the scaffold.

Scott carves his eagle

Scott carves his eagle

Prime paint coat

Prime paint coat


Charlie, Bryan & Scott

Charlie, Bryan & Scott


DelpTotem in Blazing Color

DelpTotem in Blazing Color

Charlie’s vision, created by five Delp Eagles, is complete in the 2013 New Year – Wheee!!!



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Revised commemoration to our Cherry Tree

Delp’s Totem Cherry Tree

Standing tall in our wooded yard, the majestic, weathered cherry tree

Topped by Florida’s Hurricane Charlie, our tree sprouts anew.

She beckons a thought from years ago, to craft a symbol of father-son bonds,

A totem to depict each of the Delps.

Who were YMCA Indian Guides, with names, stories, play and fun.

Father and sons bonded with delight, “Pals forever with my Dad !”

We were eagles: Bald Eagle Dad, Diving Eagle Gary, Hunting Eagle Bryan,

Flying Eagle Scott, and Golden Eagle David.

We told stories of bears who fished and played in the wild: Brownie, Slicky, Blackey and Poley.

Projects for kids, boys, now men;

Sawdust on the shop floor, back packs, trails, and canoe waters served us well.

Indians carve totems, why not we too?

Aging Indian Guides, our tribal symbol.

The thought no longer just Dad’s dream, Bald Eagle first to emerge, others to follow.

The cherry tree, so proud and ready, bows to our quest.

Visionary designs begin as drafts on paper and clay.

With saw and chisel the first cuts lay open the beauty, the heart of the cherry tree.

Eagles are sculpted chip by chip.

Our totem project brings Delps together, Eagles bonded in wood and spirit.


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Charlie’s Totem waiting Scott’s Eagle design for completion


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Bryan chips, saws and sands his Eagle totem.


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David’s Golden Eagle at the top of the totem


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Carving Gary’s Loon above Charlie’s Bald Eagle


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Individual designes are compiled into a full sized pattern to be transferred to the debarked tree. Note the scaffold created out of ladders.


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